Indecent Wife Hana Milestone: DLCs

Another milestone reached quicker than I expected! Again, thank you so much for the crazy support!

After the main storyline and Hana POV are finished, I plan to release side/extra stories as DLCs based on Patreon polls. The story that gets the most votes is going to be made first for a total of 2-3 side stories with around 2-4 CGs with variations each. Depending on the lenght and reception the number could go up, it's just a ballpark. Who knows, maybe more side stories if I still feel it's needed. If you fear the story will suffer due to crazy suggestions, don't worry, I will curate the options and won't do anything out of character.

This is still far away as the story so far (as of v0.7) is not finished, so the lenght and number of side stories could change.

By the way, this DLCs will be teated as normal patreon updates with the usual schedule.

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