Public version 0.7.7 is out!

Hi guys. THe new free version is out!


- Main menu bug fix.

0.7.5 (16/6/22)

- Tons of typos/grammar corrections. Special thanks to Addstir for taking the time to help me out.

- Rewrote/Added some past dialogue to better set the tone. More to come. (38.400 total words)

- Also works with the new Extras Patch v1.3

- Music volume is now even among all tracks.

- Added a 'QuickLoad' button to the Load menu.

- Added more buttons on the Game Menu ('Esc' key or Middle Click) for easy access.

- Added a 'Restore to Default' button to the Config menu.

- Audio now stops when the game is minimized.

- Accessibility Menu ('Shift + A' keys) is now stylized. You can enable high contrast text (dark mode) there.

- You can show/hide the Help/Keyboard Shortcuts screen anywhere using the 'F1' key. (IWH uses 'japanese' keybindings, and some differ from RenPy's)

- The Spacebar now hides the interface as there was no keyboard-only way to do that.

- Mouse cursor changes when hovering a button, slider and hyperlinks.

- Tooltip hints will appear when you hover a button or slider on the Config menu. Can be turned off by selecting 'Hide Tooltips'


- Fixed typos and minor errors.

0.7.0 (4/6/22)

- 1 new CG & variations of previous CGs. (12 CGs, 100+ variations)

- 4.600 words added. (36.700 total)

- I removed the 'big' option for now because it's confusing as the CGs and sprites show it 'small'. I will add it back with more features later.

- Sliders and scrollbars look nicer.

- Added a pre-splashscreen.


Indecent Wife Hana 274 MB
Version 0.7.7-public Jul 03, 2022
Indecent Wife Hana 261 MB
Version 0.7.7-public Jul 03, 2022

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